What Do You Get

Recently, I  had  a discussion with those who are involved in our church operations and marketing.  A person asked the question, what does a person get who comes to visit our church (Family Praise & Worship)? In the beginning the question proposed seemed interesting and set some of us back including myself who heard the question. The question was shared with the members of the church. Several days later several persons spoke to me and told me this is what you get when you come to Family Praise & Worship.

1. Acknowledge: You (Pastor Haynes) makes every attempt to met and greet all guests either before or after church.  You try to remember their names and share yourself with them.

2.  Love: You and your members make every attempt to smile, hug and talk with the visitors.  In short you make them feel wanted, loved and at home.

3. Fellowship:  Fellowship is important, how can God’s people really get to know each other if they do not fellowship.  Fellowship is followed by togetherness.

4. Family: It is important to focus on the family because the families make up the church.  It doesn’t matter if your single, couple or a family of three are more.  Each and every persons is important in God’s eyes.

I felt that I needed to share this and I hope that it will assist you if you were asking yourself the question in finding a church “What will I get”.  You will get all of the above and the whole truth and nothing but the truth when it comes to God’s word. We are family, Peace.

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