Women Are Like Cars

1 Timothy 3:4 The husband must manage his own home well; he is the manager.

Genesis 2:21-23 Marriage is a committed partnership between man and woman.

Marriage Defined: The social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies, etc.

Tune up:  A car is essentially a machine, and as such, it requires a certain amount of preventative maintenance in order to continue to perform. A tune up is a regularly scheduled opportunity, usually once a year, to do all of the preventative maintenance that needs to be done. Ensuring that your car gets a tune up regularly will help maintain the performance of your car and extend its life.

Owning a car: Owning a car shouldn’t mean that the car has to be repaired everytime you turn around. Failure to do the necessary maintenance will cause your car to fail before long and leave you stranded on the road side.

Marriage: Being marriage is much like being obligate to someone  If the husband fails to do the necessary steps I can assure you that your marriage will fail and you will be stranded along the road called life.

The Car:

Components of a Tune up:  You will want to make sure that you change your oil every 4,000 miles by using a new oil filter and an oil designed for your engine. Keeping antifreeze in your car all year round and checking the transmission fluid often are other ways for your car to remain in tip top shape. You can get an oil change at any oil and lube shop for around $10-$20, so there is no excuse for not having it done.

Filling your car with an high octane content fuel will keep the engine running cleaner. Do not let your gas tank ever go below the empty line. This will churn up sediments in the bottom of your gas tank. This causes parts of your engine and your spark plugs to become clogged, thus needing repair down the road.

The marriage or wife:

Components of a Marriage: Communication, openness, integrity, responsibility, spiritual maturity and Love.

What to listen for:  If you hear any new sounds with your vehicle, you have it checked out before it turns into a real problem. You don’t wait until last minute when the damage is done.

Things to listen for in a marriage:

1.     Your wife telling you she can’t cook due to being too tired.

2.     Your wife telling you that you don’t understand.

3.     Your wife telling you that she needs help around the house.

4.     The tone of her voice is different.

5.     Your wife has a lot of mood swings and crying.

6.     We always do what you want.

7.     You never listen to me.

Changing the tires: When they become worn will keep your tires from going flat and you from having blowouts that can be dangerous. If your tires have a blowout at speeds in excess of 55 miles per hour, you can become involved in an accident and be severely injured, or cause others to become severely injured.

Changing tires in a marriage is like going in another direction: many times in our marriages it may seem like you’re going 55 to 100 mile per hour.  It work, work, work;  Late hours, long hours;   kids are everywhere, sports and more sports,  no time for vacation and  no time for each other.

STOP! Just stop.

If  you recognize these situation and you qualify in one or more, take note:

1. Change the oil every: religiously, check in with our wife.  Sometimes just stop and look and watch her.  Ask her the questions:

A.   How you doing?

B.   How was your day?

2. Check out of the engine light!   Remove all dirt (sin).  This means give your wife the kind of respect that you would give the queen of England.  Stay alert and be aware of the warning signs.

3. Change air filters and fuel filters regularly: Avoid pushing her buttons too much (stop, look and listen).  Watch her emotions and be pleasant at all times.  Trying buying her some flowers, candy or a muffin of her liking.  Start thinking about her and not so much about you.

4. Never ever let the wife over heat:  If she even comes close to overheating, stop it immediately. Overheating means premature death to all kinds of peace, joy, communication and love in a marriage.  Stop talking and start listening.

5. Set up a regular maintenance schedule: Have regular schedule dates or vacation.  It’s important to have time together and not with the kids.   There is a time for kids and there a time for your wife.

6. Make sure that one of the top technicians: Inspects your marriage. Watch for certain people who want to tell you how to manage your marriage.  The top technician should be Jesus Christ.


In general, The only real advantage to tire rotation is that it makes all of your tires wear out at the same time.  Check in with your wife more ofter and stop and listen and just maybe your meet your wedding vows “Until death do your part.”

1. Do not let anything squeak for very long. Squeaking means that  improper friction is happening somewhere in your marriage. Stop look and listen and then talk.  Remember that your don’t have to always win,  Love first.

2. Do not let anything grind for very long. A low-frequency grinding noise means that actual destruction is going on in your marriage! Find it and fix it.

3. Develop your sense of awareness for your marriage. Tension is one sign; anger another; name calling is another; silence is nerve racking, hand off is another; coldness is a sickly bad feeling; an argument is another and division is another. These are the main ones. Try to learn them, and pay attention if you suddenly start to become aware of any of them do something right.

4. Do not drive when a red warning light comes on. The red ones are serious and must not be ignored. Better to stop and pray.  It better than destroying the whole marriage for lack of Love

5. Get to know your Wife and love it. Be aware when anything seems to change for the worse. Pay attention and be aware of your car just as you are aware of your own body. Be able to express your observations in words, so you can accurately tell your wife what you have noticed.

The most important single thing you can do for your marriage is to establish a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, in which He is your personal Lord and Savior.  If you want your marriage to survive in this world, keep Jesus as the oil, coolant and water in your marriage.  If you do this, you will find joy, happiness and love now and forever.

If you do not do this one thing, you will continue to deprive yourself of the many blessings God has intended for you to receive

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